¿Kevin Hatchard CREE que Vincent Kompany es un BUEN PROSPECTO para el Bayern de Múnich? 👀🔥

Paul Hawksbee y Charlie Baker se unen al experto en fútbol europeo Kevin Hatchard para debatir la idea de que Vincent Kompany deje Burnley para dirigir al Bayern de Múnich. Suscríbete: ¿Disfrutaste este video de YouTube? 😍 🖥️ Sitio web de talkSPORT: 📲 Twitter de talkSPORT: 📷 Instagram de talkSPORT: 👤 Facebook de talkSPORT: 📱 Tik Tok de talkSPORT: 🔴 ¡Descarga la aplicación talkSPORT AQUÍ! – 🔎 ¿Quieres ver si apareces en nuestro canal de YouTube? Consulte nuestra lista de reproducción de las mejores personas que llaman de talkSPORT: #vincentkompany #talkSPORT #PremierLeague

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18 comentarios en «¿Kevin Hatchard CREE que Vincent Kompany es un BUEN PROSPECTO para el Bayern de Múnich? 👀🔥»

  1. As a Bayern fan I would prefer Kompany's potential, over predictable Tuchel football. Tuchel's football philosophy (if he even has one) clearly didn't suit Bayern's style of play. The worst part about Tuchel is that he continuously throws players under the bus and hides behind his bad decisions without holding himself accountable. The fact that he didn't formally say goodbye to the Bayern fans in our last home game does not sit well with me. I know our board is shyte but c'mon. Really peculiar guy. Glad his out but appreciate he was able to bring in Kane and Dier.

  2. "He will be back sooner or later. His destiny to be manager of City is already written in the stars," Pep Guardiola said of Vincent Kompany last season. With endorsement like that, it's no surprise that Bayern have come calling.

  3. Xabi Alonso has gone 51 games unbeaten,
    has helped Leverkusen to win the Bundesliga for the first time in the club’s history and Kevin has the nerve to say his "team selection probably wasn’t right" .
    Kevin even comes up with the names of the players he should have selected.

  4. There are 3 criteria to make someone a top tactician in modern football.

    Learn complex tactical ideas from a young age at a tactically extremely sophisticated academy like LaMasia.

    Did not play kick and rush football in his playing career. So he can develop a tactical mindset to build up step by step in a methodical way.

    This is the most important one. Played as a DM/CB/GK (a central role at the back) for, or work with PepGuardiola, the greatest tactician in football history who revolutionised modern football. So he gets the opportunity to learn the most advanced, complex and sophisticated tactics in modern football.
    Capable to divide his tactics into thousands of pieces/details and feed/pre-instruct them into his players. Capable to control every single positioning and movements of his players like playing tactical chess under a microscope.

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